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Tips To Help You Recover After Knee Replacement Surgery

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Knee replacement surgery is a critical surgery to give you back the flexibility and strength in your knee. If you had pain or an injury that has caused you to require knee surgery, there is going to be a long road ahead in the form of recovery. If you don't recover properly, the knee replacement surgery will all have been for nothing, and you won't have the strength or flexibility back that you thought you would have post-surgery. The recovery is just as important as the surgery itself, but your recovery is going to entirely depend on you.

Read on for some tips to help you get through your knee replacement recovery.

Go To Physical Therapy

You need to be sure you go to physical therapy after your surgery as instructed. If you don't have physical therapy set up through your physician or surgeon, you should consider setting it up yourself. Go to the physical therapy sessions and perform the exercises as instructed to help strengthen your knee, without causing injury or other issues for your knee. The exercises and stretches you are given are going to be tailored to your needs for your knee and for the surgery that you had. 

Take It Easy

You need to remember to take it easy after your surgery and you cannot push yourself too far that you end up injuring yourself before you ever even have a chance to heal. Take your time in healing and don't push yourself too quickly after your surgery. You shouldn't be walking upstairs or walking too far immediately after your surgery. This is going to take time to be able to complete these everyday activities again. If you have stairs in your home, you are going to need to make your home more accessible for you until you heal.

Make Your Home Accessible

You are going to need to make your home more accessible for you while you are recovering after your surgery. This means prior to your surgery; you are going to need to do some work to make your home more accessible. You should also make sure you have the help you need in order to assist in your recovery. You aren't going to be able to cook after your surgery, and other activities such as cleaning, driving, and taking care of younger children are going to be difficult for you to do on your own. You should have help in place beforehand.

If you are going to be having knee surgery, you need to understand that the recovery process afterward is just as important as the surgery itself. Talk to your orthopedic surgeon about other ways you can help in your own recovery.