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5 Times When An Attorney Should Refer Their Client For An Independent Medical Evaluation

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Attorneys are always looking for ways to better serve their clients and get the most favorable outcome for their cases. In personal injury cases, one way to do this is to refer your client for an independent medical evaluation (IME).

An IME is conducted by a physician who is not affiliated with either the plaintiff or the defendant. This ensures that the findings of the evaluation are objective and unbiased. Here are five occasions when it may be beneficial for an attorney to refer their client for an IME.

When the Injuries Are Serious

If your client has suffered serious injuries, such as broken bones, internal bleeding, or traumatic brain injury, it is important to get an accurate assessment of their condition. The findings of the IME or independent orthopedic evaluations based on the condition can be used to support your claim for damages.

When the Injuries Are Not Healing Properly

If your client's injuries are not healing properly or they are experiencing ongoing pain and discomfort, an IME can help determine the cause of the problem. This information can be used to negotiate with the insurance company or, if necessary, file a lawsuit.

When There Is a Dispute Over the Cause of the Injuries

Sometimes there is a dispute over how the injuries were caused. For example, if your client was in a car accident and the other driver says it was not their fault, an IME can help determine who is at fault. 

When There Is a Dispute Over the Nature and Extent of the Injuries

In addition to disputes over how the injuries were caused, there may also be disagreements over how serious the injuries are. An IME can help document the extent of the injuries and any long-term effects that may result from them. 

When Your Client Is Being Uncooperative 

It is not unusual for clients to become uncooperative during a personal injury case. If this happens, you may need to get an IME to document any progress that has been made and any future needs that may exist.

An independent medical evaluation (IME) can be a valuable tool in personal injury cases. It can help document serious injuries, uncover hidden problems, and resolve disagreements between parties. If you have a client who meets any of the criteria above, consider referring them for an IME. It could make all the difference in getting them fair compensation for their injuries.