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Signs You Need A Joint Replacement

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Chronic joint pain greatly affects the quality of life as it limits you from the physical activities you enjoy. However, this does not have to be the case, as you can undergo joint replacement treatment.

Here are telltale signs you should seek joint replacement services.

Home Remedies Are No Longer Effective

Joint pain is easy to treat using home remedies like ice packs accompanied by pain relief medicines. Similarly, physical therapy helps alleviate the pain. However, if these treatment options are no longer working for you, this is a sign you should seek joint replacement treatment. Orthopedists develop a tailored joint replacement treatment plan that involves surgery and cortisone injections to provide relief.

Lingering Joint Pain

If you recently suffered an injury and have been experiencing severe joint pain, this indicates something is wrong. You could be suffering from an underlying issue that must be addressed immediately. Painful joints cause mobility issues, and to prevent the risks of causing further accidents, you should seek joint replacement surgery.

Limited Joint Flexibility

It's normal to experience limited joint flexibility as you age. However, if you have been suffering from joint or knee stiffness for days, this could indicate serious mobility concerns. Common mobility concerns to be on the lookout for before planning for a joint replacement surgery include:

  • Joint stiffness after sitting for long durations of time
  • Knee rigidity that limits movement
  • Trouble climbing hills or stairs
  • Morning joint firmness

Limited joint flexibility leads to inactivity; the less you move, the more your joint becomes stiff. Failure to visit an orthopedist can also lead to declined muscle strength. To avoid such risks, you should seek joint replacement treatments immediately if you notice any of the above signs.

Difficulty Executing Everyday Activities

Postponing shopping until tomorrow due to an achy knee from a workout is natural. However, if you can longer walk to the store for a few supplies or cannot execute daily activities due to lingering pain, you need help. Consulting an orthopedic will help determine your condition and also propose treatment options.

Visual Changes

Various visual changes indicate you should seek joint replacement treatment. The common visual changes include:

  • Swollen joints
  • Deformed joint
  • Limited mobility
  • Bowed knees

These visual changes are normally due to cartilage deterioration or arthritis. 

If you suffer from severe joint pain and home remedies are no longer effective, you should consider joint replacement surgery. The treatment is effective for patients with limited joint mobility and severe joint pain. Do not let a deformed joint affect your day-to-day activities; seek joint replacement treatment today to live a normal life.

For more information about joint replacement, contact a local doctor.